Before we consider our subject, let’s take a look at why some things are so hard to believe when they are told to us. In fact, some things seem so strange to us that we immediately put them out of our minds as being completely wrong. Suppose, for instance, to use an actual example from history around the year 1492, that when a person is a small child he is told that the earth is flat. All during his childhood his parents, teachers, and friends always refer to the earth as flat. In college his professors tell him that the earth is flat. Then, should someone come along and tell him that the earth is not flat, but round like a globe, contrary to what everyone else has told him, what would he think? He would think that the person telling him the truth was totally in error. He would not be able to accept the truth, for the truth would seem so strange and impossible to him. This point is of extreme importance; for until we realize that we have largely been raised and educated in an atmosphere of incorrect theories and outright lies, we will not be able to accept the truth. The Bible tells us in Revelation 12:9 that everyone on earth has been deceived. “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:”

With this in mind, let us consider where the dinosaurs came from and how they became extinct. When God created man, he was over twice as tall as he is today. “There were giants in the earth in those days;” (Genesis 6:4). Before Noah’s flood, mankind lived to be nearly 1000 years old, and he had an intelligence much greater than our intelligence today. Think what a person could accomplish under these conditions, having a useful life span of hundreds of years. Science and technology would advance very rapidly. Machines and other devices would rapidly become extremely sophisticated. All fields of science would progress with astonishing speed. In fact, we, today, are just now approaching the level of technology the people enjoyed before the flood. The Bible says that at the end of our world, conditions will be just like they were before the world was destroyed by the flood. “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” (Luke 17:26). And don’t forget that Adam and Eve had a tremendous advantage over us in their education. They were educated by God himself.

Just as men are doing today, before the flood they were experimenting with DNA, genes, and genomes. They were trying to create life, to create clones, just as people are trying to do today. They were cloning and biologically engineering many of the life forms that God created, and they were very successful at it. Perhaps some of this cloning and genetic engineering got a little out of hand, and creatures were produced that raised havoc with other life forms. Dinosaurs were the result of some of this cloning and genetic engineering. In our day, dinosaur footprints have been found with very large human footprints alongside, showing that humans were contemporaries with dinosaurs.

When it was time for Noah and his family to go into the ark, the animals assembled and went into the ark also. Why didn’t God take animals like the dinosaurs into the ark? Only the animals that God created went into the ark. The animals that resulted from cloning and biological engineering were not taken into the ark. These animals perished in the world-wide flood.

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The legend of Atlantis has Intrigued mankind for thousands of years. Atlantis is said to have been a fantastically advanced civilization with a highly developed technology. From what we just read, the only civilization that existed in the past with this kind of technology was the civilization that existed before Noah’s flood. Evidence of this technology can be found world-wide. The civilization that existed before the flood was the Atlantis that people are searching for today. At the flood, the entire topography of the earth was changed, so that much of what existed before the flood is now buried beneath mountains.

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