History has never witnessed an event more powerful, more awesome, or more completely overwhelming than the events soon to take place on the earth. It is not the purpose of this book, however, to frighten or to cause anyone undue anxiety about future events. On the contrary, it is our sincere prayer that this book and the knowledge it bears of the future from the pages of the Holy Bible will bring great comfort to each reader even as we see the troubles of this world and the problems in society steadily becoming worse.

Many questions arise concerning the subject of earth’s final hours. What, exactly, is going to happen? To what extent will mankind be able to control these events? Will there be war? Will there be any survivors? When will these events take place? How devastating will they be? Will the earth continue to exist, and, if so, what will the world be like afterward?

Mankind is groping for answers today, answers that make sense, answers that satisfy and comfort. This book was written to supply these answers and to give the reader an understanding of the purpose of his life on this earth. Above all, the intention is to answer the inevitable question of what can and should the individual do to prepare for the troublous times ahead.

In a simple, easily understandable style this book explains the final, imminent events of earth’s history as they are detailed in Bible prophecy.

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